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Russ Rogers

Russ Rogers is an entrepreneur, personal trainer, former collegiate coach, father of three amazing children and grandfather (GDawg) to five. He has dedicated his life to one goal; to make a positive impact in the lives of people.

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Susan Haller

Susan Haller is an accomplished writer and performer. Having composed over two hundred original songs, 3 stage musicals and a wide variety of kids’ books, she brings a matchless perspective to her audience through word and song. Now grandma “MooMoo”, she brings her kids books to life to cherish with her future generations… and yours.

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Dianna Bernal-Tuyor

Dianna Bernal-Tuyor is a professional Bay Area artist who once proudly marched beside Caesar Chavez, where she found her passion for activisms & her Chicana culture. Today she still pulls inspiration from her community and love for her family. Writing this book was a natural progression of marrying her love of art & storytelling. She hopes to inspire children & parents of all ages to explore, create and discuss core family values. When Dianna isn’t painting, you can find her teaching at events for It’s a Vibe paint party, where she is a co-owner. 

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Indiana Rivera

Meet Indiana Reyna Rivera, a San Francisco native with deep Hispanic roots that trace back to the vibrant 1960s. Indiana possessed a natural gift for storytelling from a young age, captivating her circle of friends with imaginative tales.

At the tender age of 10, she discovered her passion for sharing stories with others when she volunteered to read to kindergarteners at her school. Witnessing the children's infectious enthusiasm for reading during story time filled Indiana with immense joy. At that moment, she promised herself that someday, she would read her books to children.

The inspiration for her debut children's book, "Billy the Seed," came from her three beloved daughters: Jacquelyn, Jennifer, and Celine. Over 35 years ago, Indiana would sit each of her daughters down, just as she did with her friends in her childhood days, and narrate the enthralling tale of Billy the Seed.

Fate intervened when Indiana crossed paths with a remarkably talented illustrator and graphic designer, Nancy Diaz. Together, they founded Nindy Design Studio, a digital marketing agency that boasts Nancy's remarkable artistry. Indiana knew this partnership was destined to bring "Billy the Seed" to life.

From the moment Little Indiana pledged to write children's books, 48 years have passed, and today, "Billy the Seed" stands as a testament to the power of words and the realization of dreams.

Aside from her literary pursuits, Indiana co-founded Nindy Design Studio, a woman-owned and operated bilingual digital marketing agency. She pursued her academic endeavors in Sociology at San Jose University in San Jose, CA, and takes immense pride in raising three accomplished daughters.

When she's not busy devising brand strategies or writing captivating stories, Indiana finds solace in traveling the world, hiking nature's wonders, and capturing her adventures through travel photography. And wherever her journeys lead, you can be sure she'll be spinning tales to captivate anyone fortunate enough to listen.

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